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Cimetech offers operation management consulting services. Our services are backed by the extensive experience we have earned within the manufacturing industry. We are also specialist in the use of scientific methods in the field of operation management.

Our methodology is simple and effective

  • Divide a project into measurable steps.
  • Divide a project into multiple sub-projects for a faster execution.
  • Provide realistic solutions and execution strategy.
  • Work hand in hand with our clients throughout the duration of a project.
  • Transfer our knowledge to our clients.

Operation and Administrative Management

Manufacturing in Action
  • Manufacturing and administrative diagnostic
  • Lean Training and Lean/6 Sigma tools (5S ‧ SMED ‧ Lean Office ‧ SIPOC ‧ Kaisen)
  • Quality problems and customer complaint evaluation (statistical process control)
  • Supply chain management (raw materials ‧ work in process ‧ finished products)
  • Production planning optimization
  • Manufacturing layout design
  • Recommendation, action plan and planning
  • Recommendation execution

Optimization Analysis

  • Analysis of product mix that generates maximum profits (Custom mathematical models)
  • Creation of a mathematical value-added index (VAI™) to classify projects within a company to increase profitability and productivity

Strategic and Feasibility Studies

  • Financial analysis of project profitability. The goal is to maximize return on investment for projects

Financial Engineering

Manufacturing in Action
  • Development of a financial statements analysis software that benchmark the performance of a company against similar companies in North America. The software can identify opportunities to become best of class in a given sector
  • Analysis of variables costs using the Lean Accounting method
  • Creation of financial models to evaluate quickly the return on investment of a project
  • Analysis of a sales portfolio using the SAVE™ method
  • Engineering and Project Management

Cost price - Distribution

Cimetech has just completed the development of a new costing methodology for the distribution sector.

  • This methodology recognizes the EBT ($ and%) for each product sold, by customer.
  • This costing system is far superior to the concept of gross margin and GMROI, which have always been used in this environment.
  • It is now possible to accurately determine the financial performance of each of the products distributed per customer.
  • The company is therefore able to recognize the financial contribution of its products on its monthly and annual financial results.


  • Productivity improvement of 10-40%
  • Quality improvement of 10-30%
  • Decrease in delivery lead time of 15-80%
  • Decrease in startup delays of 25-50%
  • Decrease in inventories of 15-50%
  • Increase of in-time deliveries of 15%-50%